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Helen Fielding

Cause Celeb


ISBN: 0-330-39621-8

Gelesen: 2002

For those who haven't recognised the name, Helen Fielding is the author of "Bridget Jones' diary". She became famous with that book, but has written a couple of less well selling books before. "Cause Celeb" is one of them.

It is a deeply satirical and in many places extremely funny story, but, different from Bridget Jones, it is about some deadly serious issues. The heroine by chance meets a TV celebrity and becomes his girlfriend. She befriends some of his celebrity friends.

After they split up, she works for a relief agency in a camp in Africa. When a serious famine comes up, she travels back to England to get her former celebrity friends to appear in a TV ermergency appeal.

There is a lot of Bridget Jones in Rosie Richardson, the heroine. Some jokes and funny scenes are the same. A "Perpetua" makes her appearance in both books. But "Cause Celeb" is a much more serious book. The TV celebrities are a bunch of pathetic creatures ... it makes you wonder if Helen Fielding has had some real exposure to those circles before.

And there is a fictional story about why things happen in Africa, that seems to be pretty realistic, too.

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